2003 – 2004 Faculty Senate


APPROVED Minutes of the December 10, 2003 Meeting

James Goodman, Chair

Nancy Buchanan, Vice Chair

Candace Hochstein, Secretary



SENATORS PRESENT:  J. Chernisky, L. Currivan, C. Ganne, J. Goodman, C. Hochstein, W. Imada, P. Kennedy, K. Khan, G. Levy, P. Lococo, C. Martin, S. Palombo, R. Pfeiffer, D. Sakai, S. Wood, C. Yokotake


SENATORS EXCUSED:  N. Buchanan, R. Flegal, K. Hill, M. Nakano, F. Sherry


GUESTS:  Judy Kappenberg, Priscilla Millen, Jack Pond, Jim West.


CALL T0 ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 3:20 p.m. with a quorum.


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:  The minutes of the November 26, 2003 meeting were read and approved with minor corrections:

-under guests, move Lily Grace to be placed under Senators Present.

-Budget and Planning first bullet should read – the UH system will be assessed approximately seven million dollars a year for the Banner computer system, Risk Management issues, and UH Foundation.

-change carried to carries in the first line on page 5.  It should read – accompany any letter that carries EIF monies to the campuses.




BUDGET AND PLANNING – No report at this time.


FACULTY COMMITTEE – Senator Currivan reported that the entire committee for the Chief Academic Officer/Vice Chancellor will have its first meeting on December 11, 2003.


ELECTIONS COMMITTEE            - Senator Palombo reported that the 2004-2006 Senate elections were completed and that the results were published in the bulletin.  She thanked her committee for all of their hard work and help.


The newly elected senators are:  Linda Currivan, Karen Fujishima-Lee, Christian Ganne, Barbara Hotta, A. Karim Kahn, Roy Kamida, Raymund Liongson, Susan Lum, Donna Matsumoto, Kakkala Mohanan, and Aulii Silva.




LEGISLATIVE RELATIONS – No report at this time.


STUDENT COMMITTEE – No report at this time.


PROGRAM REVIEW COMMITTEE – Senator Levy reported that the Program Review committee did meet and that they were researching the SLO’s (Student Learning Outcomes) that exists for the different divisions, departments, certificates and degrees which would be reviewed.


CURRICULUM COMMITTEE – Senator Lococo recommended that the Curriculum Committee’s report to the Senate be presented in the following four sub-categories:


Proposal to Modify the Information and Computer Science Program – The program modification proposal maintains the same 21 credits of core requirements and the same 24 credits of general education requirements.  The proposed modification would be to include a third possible specialization (Webmaster) to the existing two specialization options (Network Support Specialist and Database Support Specialist).  The proposed Webmaster specialization would include the following courses:  ICS 187, ICS 290, DMED 120, DMED 121, and DMED 221.



Motion 03-44: To accept the program modification for the Information and Computer Science AS degree to include a third possible specialization for this major.  The third specialization would be a Webmaster Specialization which would consist of the current 21 credits of core requirements, 24 credits of general education requirements, and the following Webmaster courses:  ICS 187, ICS 290, DMED 120, DMED 121, DMED 221.


PASSED – Unanimously


Horticulture 110 – New course proposal.  This course has been successfully offered under HORT 198.  It has since been proposed to and reviewed by the Curriculum Committee, and is currently being recommended to the Senate under a permanent alpha and number.  This course “Provides hands-on learning in Leeward’s shade house and gardens in propagation, cultivation, and uses of native, Hawaiian traditional and other cultural plants found in Hawaii.  Proper nutritional principles are applied to plant uses including food preparation.”


The Senate included that this is a class and lab proposal, and that the phrase “Lab included” should be reflected in course descriptions.


Motion 03-45:  To accept the new course of Horticulture 110 with the clarification that it is a new course which includes a lab. 


PASSED - Unanimously


Horticulture 110 to be added to the Natural Science 1 (Biological Science) list for LCC’s NS1 AA requirements.


The Senate included that the proposal should state that Horticulture 110 should be added to LCC’s NS1 and NS1 lab requirements as Horticulture 110 includes a lab.


Motion 03-46:  To accept Horticulture 110 to fulfill the NS1 and NS1L requirements for LCC’s AA degree.


PASSED - Unanimously



Academic Subject Certificate in Education Assistance in Special Education – ASC program proposal.  The ASC in Education Assistance in Special Education will be comprised of six ED courses, four of which will be considered the core courses to be met by all students (12 credits) and two additional selected studies courses (6 credits) that may be chosen from an array of courses.  The total credit hours to earn the certificate will be 18 credits.  The 12 credits which will be taken at LCC are:  ED 285, ED 286, ED 287 and ED 288.  The 6 credits which will be taken to fulfill the selected studies courses are being developed at Kapiolani and Honolulu Community Colleges.  Examples of such courses are:  Autism, American Sign Language, Behavior Management, Medically Fragile, Literacy, and Early childhood Education (eg. DEAF 101, DEAF 201, DEAF 202, DEAF 203, ED 131, ED 140, ED 275).


Motion 03-47:  To accept the proposed Academic Subject Certificate in Education Assistance in Special Education.


PASSED – Y=13; N=0; Ab=2



The Curriculum Committee proposed a general set of guidelines which would be used when faculty wished to do Program Modifications in Curriculum Central.  At the present time, there are no set guidelines or instructions regarding what questions should be addressed when proposing modifications of already approved programs.  The Curriculum Committee proposed 6 questions that need to be addressed when a program modification is proposed.  The questions are based on the guidelines for Course Modification proposals (CCCM 6100).


The proposed guidelines with the Senate’s changes to numbers 2 and 4 are as follows:


1.  What changes is proposed in the program?  (Provide specific information on both the new and old program.)


2.  What is the rationale for the change?  (If this is a substantive change, state how it aligns with the Division goals, college Strategic Plan, College Mission Statement, or other relevant documents.)


3.  Is the change substantive enough to require a change in program title?  If so, explain in detail.


4.  Is the program currently articulated with any certificate or degree program?  If so, give details, dates of agreement(s) and explain any impact the proposed change may have upon articulation.


5.  Will the change require additional staff, equipment, facilities or other resources?  If so, provide details and indicate whether they are available.


6.  Will the change increase or decrease the number of required hours for attainment of the certificate or degree?  If so, provide details and justification.


Motion 03-48:  To accept the proposed Program Modification Guidelines with the Senate’s changes to items 2 and 4.


PASSED - Unanimously






The Educational Improvement Fund (EIF) money is much lower than it has been in the past.  The total amount for the Community Colleges was $64, 950.  Of this amount, LCC was allotted $13,910.  A letter from the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), David McClain, did include a statement to the Chancellors’ that the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC) has encouraged the involvement of the faculty governance body on each campus in the process of setting campus criteria and disseminating of funds.


As the money must be used by June 30, 2004, the application forms for the EIF money will be placed on the WEB.


Senator Martin recommended that the Senate begin setting a calendar with projected deadline and application process for EIF applications for the future.




The digital Media Faculty requested a transfer from the Vocational Technology Division to the arts and Humanities Division.  The primary reasons for the request are:


            1.  Facilitate student transfer to Bachelor’s programs at UH Manoa.

2.  Facilitate Articulation between Kapiolani Community College’s New Media Arts Program and Leeward Community College’s Digital Media Program.

3.  Recognize that DMED fits better with an academic division than with vocational education.  The AS degree in Digital Media was designed more as an academic program than a vocational program.

Motion 03-49:  (Currivan/Chernisky) To approve the transfer of the Digital Media Program from the Vocational Technical Division to the Arts and Humanities Division.


PASSED - Unanimously




ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 PM.


RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED:  Candace Hochstein, Secretary