2000 – 2001  Faculty Senate


APPROVED Minutes of the October 4, 2000 Meeting

Bob Hochstein, Chair

Warren Imada, Vice Chair

Jack Pond, Secretary



SENATORS PRESENT:  L. Andres, J. Goodman, J. Hara, S. Hayasaka, B. Hochstein, C. Hochstein, F. Iha, W. Imada, G. Levy, P. Lococo, S. Lum, M. Minasian, P. Neils, F. Osell, D. Pascual, J. Pond, R. Tanimoto, D. Thomson, R. Toyama. 


SENATORS EXCUSED:  P. Frary, M. Reese.


GUESTS:  Kathleen Cabral, Jake de Ste. Croix, Irwin Yamamoto, Dale Hood, Lisa Hayashi, Barbara Saromines-Ganne, Doug Dykstra, Mark Silliman, Patricia Domingo.


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order with a quorum at 3:15 pm.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of the September 13 meeting were read and approved with minor corrections.


CHAIRMAN’S REPORT:  The Chair reported on several matters from the Faculty Senate Chairs meeting:



Motion 00-44 (Thomson/Osell):  The Senate should form an ad hoc committee to review these policies.

PASSED – Y=17; N=0; Ab=2





BUDGET AND PLANNING COMMITTEE – The Committee will look into the Food Service program with regard to working conditions, equipment, etc.


ELECTIONS COMMITTEE – Senator Hara reported on the progress of Senate elections and presented timelines/procedures for the upcoming elections.  The question of divisions lacking representation after Senate elections was raised.


Motion 00-45 (Hara/Imada):  The committee should examine the issue of underrepresented divisions after Senate elections and place on agenda for the next Senate meeting.



Senator Hara also requested volunteers to assist in the distribution and collection of nominations.


LEGISLATIVE RELATIONS COMMITTEE – Senator Lococo questioned whether there is a need for the Senate to engage in discussion on the issue of University autonomy.


Motion 00-46 (Lococo/Osell):  The Senate place the issue of autonomy on the agenda for the next Senate meeting.




PROGRAM REVIEW COMMITTEE – Senator Levy reported that review of ongoing academic programs does not seem to be occurring regularly on the campus.  Academic program review needs to be standardized and carried out on some regular basis in all divisions


Motion 00-47 (Thomson/Osell):  The Senate explore and discuss the Distance Education Oversight issue at the next meeting.




STUDENT COMMITTEE – Senator Andres reported on issues commonly expressed by students (as reported by Student Activities Director).  These include online registration, job placement, and class availability.


CURRICULUM COMMITTEE – Senator Goodman reported that the DOI and Chair of the Committee approved several experimental courses.  Other curricular matters will be brought to the next Senate meeting.




LCC REORGANIZATION – Senator Hayasaka presented a discussion paper she authored for Senate/campus consideration.  All are encouraged to read and consider her vision of College reorganization.  She invited feedback and sought interested faculty to serve on the committee.  Senators Imada, Thomson volunteered.  Faculty members Nakano and de St. Croix have also agreed to serve.


CHLOE HOLLAND COMMUNITY SERVICE – Senator C. Hochstein reported that the next highway clean up will be October 15.


SHARED GOVERNANCE POLICY HEARINGS – Senator Osell reported that two hearings were held.  While there was not a great deal of written input (perhaps due to misunderstanding of a requirement that input be in written form), there was a great deal of concern from APT and Clerical Staff.  Both groups, in a written report to the Senate Chair, stated that they did not support the development of the policy or any policy at this time. There was also some discussion whether this policy, as written, is even necessary.  Institutional research (the recent Faculty/Staff Survey) suggests that, on average, faculty and staff were satisfied with the issues associated with campus decision-making.  Others agreed that the proposed policy may, in fact, be dividing the campus. Motions to accept the current draft of the policy (Osell/Thomson) and to amend the draft (Pond/Andres) were withdrawn. 


Motion 00-48 (Hayasaka/Thomson):  To table discussion on the Shared governance policy until the November 27 meeting.


PASSED – Y=11; N=3; Ab=3


Motion 00-49 (Hayasaka/Osell):  To suspend the agenda to allow Provost and DOI to address the Senate.






Motion 00-50 (Hayasaka/Imada):  To return to the regular agenda







ü     Motion 00-31 requesting reply to Ms. Saromines-Ganne’s letter:  The DOI responded that a summer school course-cancellation policy has been established and communicated to division chairs.  No response was made to the A & H Division Chair as her letter did not specifically request a response.  Senator Pond will follow up and forward the Dean’s response to Ms. Saromines-Ganne.

ü     Motion 00-36 requesting a suspension of the campus re-keying project:  The DAS reported that the re-keying project was born out of necessity.  Multiple keys have been issued and lost or never returned.  The project was undertaken to ensure safety of employees and property.  Cost is being kept to a minimum as much of the work is being done in-house; efforts are being made to reduce the number of master keys on campus; efforts are also being made to reduce the need for multiple keys whenever possible; the project is being phased in over several years; and all new keys will be numbered to identify the owner and access rooms.  Faculty with questions are invited to call Cliff Togo.

ü     Motion 00-35 requesting hard copy distribution of Campus Bulletin:  No response received.  Senator Pond will follow up.



Motion 00-51:  To move the issue to the Faculty Committee.


PASSED – Y=13; N=0; Ab=2







STRATEGIC ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT – Senator Hara reported that plans are moving forward on this critical issue.  Those who indicated an interest in serving on this committee will soon be contacted.  Other interested faculty/staff are invited to participate.


REFRESHMENT VOLUNTEERS:  Senators Hara and Andres will provide refreshments at the next Senate meeting (October 25). 


ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:35 pm.