2001 – 2002  Faculty Senate


APPROVED Minutes of the May 1, 2002 Special Meeting

James Goodman, Chair

Jean Hara, Vice Chair

Jack Pond, Secretary



SENATORS PRESENT:  P. Cravath, A. Dabrowski, Z. Estrada, J. Goodman, J. Hara, K. Hill, W. Imada, J. Kappenberg, G. Levy, P. Lococo, M. Minasian, J. Pond, M. Reese, R. Tanimoto, R. Toyama.



SENATORS EXCUSED: N. Buchanan, R. Flegal, P. Frary, C. Ganne, C. Martin, D. Pascual.



SPECIAL GUESTS:  Bob Asato, Lani Uyeno.



CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 3:13 p.m. with a quorum.





REVIEW OF AIC REPORTS – The Senate was presented draft reports from three of the seven Accreditation Implementation Committees.  These reports will be combined and serve as the basis for the Interim Report to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) due November 1, 2002

The first report was from the AIC on Governance.  The report explained the progress made by the committee so far, that is, the Committee has written drafts of governance policies explaining the relationships among various campus constituencies.  These three governance documents will be presented to the campus constituencies for discussion and approval in the Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 semesters.  The committee’s implementation timeline reflected an optimism that consensus can be reached by the time the Midterm Report is due to ACCJC in November 2003.


Motion 02-19 (Imada/Levy):  To accept the progress report from the AIC on Governance.

PASSED – Unanimously


The second report was from the AIC on Curriculum Review.  The committee has drafted a plan for a systematic review of all LCC’s academic courses and programs, but this plan is not as detailed as the one drafted by the AIC on Governance.  The AIC on Curriculum Review will continue its work over the summer and have a more complete draft and schedule of future campus open forums to discuss its recommendations. 


Motion 02-20 (Kappenberg/Reese):  To accept the report from the AIC on Curricular review and recommend that the timeline be more detailed.


PASSED – Unanimously


The final report was from the AIC on Administrative Instability and Turnover.  Although the report has been posted on the LCC website (www.lcc.hawaii.edu/ac2006), this AIC is not recommending any further campus wide meetings and feels it has sufficiently answered the issues raised by the Accreditation Team.


Motion 02-21 (Hara/Levy):  To reject the AIC report on Administrative Instability and Turnover and send it back to the Committee for revision.


PASSED – Unanimously


The Senate recommends that the Committee gather data on current salaries, make an analysis of the starting salary offers for advertised positions, analyze the on-the-job-training for faculty who assume administrative positions and for administrators who advance to a different administrative job, report on the shifting responsibilities for administrators, assess the needs of administrators, and describe recent campus and system level evaluation efforts.  In addition, the report should address local issues that affect working conditions and propose solutions. 


Motion 02-22 (Reese/Dabrowski):  To commend the three AIC Committees on the work done and the progress made toward addressing the concerns of the Accrediting Commission.

PASSED – Unanimously



LEEWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE’S STRATEGIC PLAN – Bob Asato and Lani Uyeno presented an overview of the process that was used to develop the 2002-2007 Strategic Plan.  Efforts were begun in August 2001 with the agreement that the process should be open and provide for as much input from the constituent groups as possible.  The Plan was developed in three stages: the development of College goals (rooted in the mission statement), development of campus objectives to support the goals, and action plans (based on the notion of increased accountability and the need to address the Commission’s new standards).  Numerous open forums and discussions were held, drafts were sent back and forth via email and hard copy.  The action plans were prioritized in a manner that allowed the entire campus community to submit their input via their unit/division representatives.  A draft of the Plan is due to Joyce early this summer.  There is recognition that this Plan will need to be revisited on a regular basis to ensure plans are carried out and priorities remain appropriate.


Motion 01-23 (Reese/Cravath):  To strongly endorse the 2002-07 Strategic Plan for Leeward Community College as presented.


PASSED – Unanimously


The Senate unanimously passed Resolution 02-02 (attached).



CHAIR’S REPORT ON UH SYSTEM STRTEGIC PLAN AND UH COMMUNITY COLLEGES’ STRATEGIC PLAN – Chair Goodman reported that input has been received on the UH System Plan (http://www.hawaii.edu/ovppp/stratplansys.html).  A timeline was distributed at the last meeting.  The Community Colleges’ Strategic Plan (http://www.hawaii.edu/ccc/) calls for workload reduction and salary increases.  It remains to be seen how these two plans will work together. 



ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The next meeting of the Senate will be on Wednesday, May 8.  It will be a pot luck, and the Senate will hold elections for officers. 



MEETING ADJOURNED:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 pm. 





































(Passed May 1, 2002)







The Senate wishes to commend the Strategic Plan Steering Committee under the leadership of Bob Asato and Lani Uyeno for the open and inclusive process that resulted in the Strategic Plan.


The Senate further recognizes that the Plan does indeed represent the priorities of the entire campus community and that it will thereby provide the basis for budgetary decisions through 2007.


Finally, the Senate supports the recommendation of the Committee that the document be periodically reviewed with campus wide input.









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