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What you should know about LRC tutoring  •  Subjects we tutor  •  Ways to meet with a tutor  •  Make an appointment  •   Cancel an appointment
What to expect & how to prepare  •  Tutoring policies  •  Become a content tutor


·         Tutors are students like you. They understand the challenges you face. They have taken the same courses and know what it takes to succeed. 

·         Tutors are friendly people who enjoy helping others.

·         Tutors help you to become a more skilled, confident, and independent learner.

·         Tutors work with students at every level of skill and knowledge.

·         Tutoring is FREE!

SUBJECTS WE TUTOR -- lots of help is available!!



·         Individual sessions, held in the LRC [Click to make an appointment.]

·         Group sessions, usually in the LRC. Some tutors offer review sessions before exams. These are announced in the class.

·         Language conversation groups:  a special type of group session. Sign up for these groups in your language class.

·         Drop-in help in science study areas during the tutor’s hours --  no appointment needed. You can ask a quick question or get more in-depth help.

·         Online via Skype for some subjects

·         During your class (for certain classes)



There are three ways to make an appointment with a content tutor:

·         Come to the LRC. Anyone at the front desk will be happy to help you.

·         Call the LRC front desk at 455-0412 to make an appointment.

·         Make your appointment online [Click to make an appointment.]

·         Appointments must be made at least one day in advance (before 6 pm the day before) and no more than 14 days in advance.


When you don’t need an appointment with a content tutor:

·         If there’s a scheduled pre-exam review session for your class (these sessions will be announced in class)

·         If your science class has a tutor in the study area during specific times


·         Come to the LRC front desk

·         Call the LRC front desk

·         Cancel online (you can do this at least two days before the appointment)


You can expect your tutor to:

·         be on time for your session

·         treat you with respect

·         explain course concepts and how to apply them

·         ask you questions and offer suggestions

·         help you with success skills like organization, use of time, textbook reading and review, note-taking, and exam prep

·         know about other useful LRC, campus, or online resources

You cannot expect your tutor to:

·         reteach sections of the course

·         do your work for you

·         ensure that you complete your homework

·         know the answer to every question (but they will help you to find the answers!)

·         assist with take-home exams without prior instructor permission

·         guarantee or predict your grade

How to prepare for a tutoring session: to make the best use of your tutoring time…

·         attend your classes regularly -- tutoring is not a substitute for going to class.

·         arrive on time for your session

·         bring your textbook, class notes, and any assignment handouts or study guides with you (neither the LRC nor our tutors have copies of every textbook)

·         complete as much work as possible before the session – read the textbook and other course materials, attempt homework problems, etc.

·         come with questions: make notes of confusing sections in the textbook, difficult problems, vocabulary you need explained, etc.



Who can use tutoring:

·         LRC tutoring is available free of charge to students for courses they are currently enrolled in at Leeward CC. Sorry, we aren’t able to help with courses you’re taking at other colleges.

How much tutoring you can use:

·         As a general rule, students may receive up to one hour of individual tutoring every week for each subject we help you with. We don’t place this time limit on group tutoring.

·         Permission for additional time beyond one hour can only be given by LRC faculty, and if granted, will usually be for a limited time period (e.g., a week or two).


·         Students who are unable to keep a tutoring appointment should cancel as soon as possible. Appointments may be cancelled at the LRC front desk, on the phone (455-0412), or online.

·         Appointments may be cancelled on line up to two days before the session; after that, appointments must be cancelled at the front desk or on the phone.


·         The following are considered “no-shows”:

o   a student does not attend a tutoring appointment and does not cancel

o   a student cancels the appointment less than 4 (four) hours before the scheduled time

o   a student comes more than 15 minutes late to the appointment.

·         Students with three no-shows will be required to meet with an LRC faculty member prior to making any further appointments.

·         A no-show or a late cancellation may sometimes be erased if there are special circumstances.


If you’ve done well in a content course and like helping others, you might want to become a tutor! LRC tutors are hired, trained and supervised by LRC faculty.  Most are paid student employees, although we do welcome volunteers, including CoopEd students.

Eligibility requirements:

·         an A or B in the course(s) you want to tutor (or equivalent course or knowledge), strong knowledge of the course concepts, and a recommendation from the instructor

·         be enrolled for at least six credits at Leeward or another UH-system campus during the semester you tutor, and be a student in good standing

·         strong interpersonal, communication, and academic success skills

To apply:

·         Contact Beth Kupper-Herr, the LRC Coordinator ( or 455-0413) to set up an appointment for an interview.

·         Before your interview, go to the Student Employment and Cooperative Education (SECE) website  

·         If this is the first time you’ve visited the site, after you log in you’ll need to set up a profile, confirming information that’s already in the system about you and adding a little more info (e.g., estimated date of graduation).  

·         On the screen where you search for a position, search for position # 10907 (the # for the LRC Content Tutor position).

·         Print a referral for the position (this is a document that shows you’re eligible to work as a student employee). To do this, click on add to my referrals, select the position, process the referral and print the referral.

·         Bring your SECE referral and a resume to the interview.