Tattoo expo an event for everyone

Writer: Caylin Franchey

This weekend, over 700 artists and 20,000 people from all over the world will gather together in the 85,000-square foot Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall to experience Hawaii’s one and only tattoo convention, the Pacific Ink & Art Expo.

School year continues on for summer students

Summer courses have entered into their second session with students completing a full semester’s worth of work in six weeks.

Wiercinski speaks at Leeward

By Kylie Saito


On May 9, at Leeward Community College’s public forum, University of Hawaii presidential candidate Lieutenant General Francis J. Wiercinski addressed a wide variety of issues, regarding his controversial military background, philosophy on leadership, and future goals for the UH educational system. Comprised mostly of Leeward CC’s staff, faculty and community members, the attentive and moderately-sized audience appeared quite neutral to the candidate in comparison to the expressive audience at UH Manoa’s public forum just three days prior.


Crisis: Struggling Students

By Larry Media
Photo by Matthew Hirata

Displaced after a tumultuous divorce and loss of her Honolulu condo, J.N., 46 and currently enrolled at Honolulu Community College, and has lived for over 2 years at her brother’s home as one of the “hidden homeless.” A tight job market for her limited skill set (general office and restaurant work) left her lacking for employment and any income to live on her own.

Cold Turkey Breakup: The Cigarette Story

By Tyla Smith
Photo by Thomas Breeze

All those who light up a cancer stick understand the dangers they pose to their health and the health of those around them. Scientists and substance-abuse therapists say that to quit smoking is as hard as quitting heroin, cocaine or alcohol.

Phi Theta Kappa

By Chance Nakazato
Photo by Junta Tokunaga

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society of two-year colleges dedicated to the recognition and cultivation of academic excellence.  Students who meet the requirements are invited to join their college’s respective chapter, gaining access to scholarships, college success tools, letters of recommendation and networking opportunities.

Fear of Change

Article and photos by Benjamin Gilbert

Metathesiophobia is the clinical name for the fear of change. It is believed that all people fear change to some degree.

10 Signs You're Addicted to Social Media

By Jasmine Bautista

First Year Experience Club

By Chance Nakazato
Photo by Jesse Butcher

At Leeward Community College, there is a diverse student population that includes both first-time and returning college students who wish to finish their education or earn another degree.  First Year Experience provides a forum for students at Leeward to get connected with one another while offering a number of different resources for developing leadership and success skills as well as promoting an atmosphere of fellowship and fun.

War of Procrastination

By Elijah Yamauchi 
Illustration by Paula Marie Fernandez

Finally the consequences of procrastination have come: palms sweating profusely; fingers clicking along the keyboard at speeds that would make light jealous; eyes unblinkingly and curiously drifting toward the clock, only to find it half-blocked by a pile of empty Monster cans. But you can make out a three in the hour slot — a three or an eight. Class begins in either seven or two hours.

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