Fear of Change

Article and photos by Benjamin Gilbert

Metathesiophobia is the clinical name for the fear of change. It is believed that all people fear change to some degree.

First Year Experience Club

By Chance Nakazato
Photo by Jesse Butcher

At Leeward Community College, there is a diverse student population that includes both first-time and returning college students who wish to finish their education or earn another degree.  First Year Experience provides a forum for students at Leeward to get connected with one another while offering a number of different resources for developing leadership and success skills as well as promoting an atmosphere of fellowship and fun.

Job Fair returns Wednesday

The 11th annual Career, College, and Job Fair is returning to Leeward Community College Wednesday, April 9 from 9 a.m. to noon in the concourse and Eucalyptus Courtyard. More than 70 employers and 30 colleges will be here to help students reach their educational and professional goals.

Will Hawaii Join the Joint?

By Elijah Yamauchi | Photo by Jesse Butcher

With the legalization of marijuana in the states of Washington and Colorado, people can start reconsidering whether pot really is only for radical hippies. The prospect of legalizing the use of marijuana has certainly elicited a number of opinions.

Occupation Palestine

By Tyla Smith

On Sawsan Ahmed’s asylum papers it reads “without a home.”

What the Doctor Ordered: Education or Addiction?

By Jessie McGeary  |  Photo by Jesse Butcher

With the exceptional amount of stress and responsibilities a college student has, it is not a wonder why so many students turn to vices to get them through their days. Coffee and energy drinks are among the most widely used, though with access to other things, some students turn to more touchy sources of energy.

Leeward Campus Security: The good, the bad, the heavy-handed


By Larry L. Medina | Photos by Tyla Smith

Student reaction is mixed regarding the controversial passing of Hawai‘i’s same-sex marriage law last December. Some saw it as a positive while others questioned its passage.

New Smoking Policy Is Up In Smoke

Article by Larry Medina
Photo by Jesse Butcher

Leeward Community College recently passed a new smoking policy for the campus, but both Student Government and Campus Security are finding it hard to enforce.

Financial Aid Abuse

By Jessie McGeary | Photo by Christine Gora

Everybody loves free money for college, and one of the easiest and most helpful ways to get it is through the Federal Application For Student Aid. Every year roughly a third of Leeward students receive millions of dollars from the government to assist in paying for tuition, books, lodging, transportation and the overall cost of attending college. However, because financial aid refunds are not monitored and unreported, how can it be certain that these funds are used solely for the cost of education and are put to good use by committed students?

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