'Doctor Who' — (8x01) 'Deep Breath' Review and Recap

Writer: Jasmine Bautista

There’s no doubt that showrunner Steven Moffat knows Doctor Who fans well.

Love Pono: Leeward Program Helps Students

Love Pono’s mission is “to provide a safe environment, to help the Leeward Community College community to build and maintain healthy relationships, through education, intervention, campus and community resources and counseling.”

Rape Culture: Does It Matter What She Wears?

By Tyla Smith
Photos by Joel Gaspar

In March of this year a student was sexually assaulted at Leeward Community College. The perpetrator violently grabbed her arm, hugged her and then attempted to kiss her, according to the emails sent out by Campus Security officers. A hunt was initiated for the assailant, who was caught and escorted off campus. Security cameras were ultimately used to identify and apprehend him. He was issued a trespassing citation and told never to come back on campus again.

8 Things They Don't Teach You In College

Educate yourself to make learning more effective...  We know that the life of a student can be rough.  Don’t exacerbate your life by being ignorant. Enlightenment may only be an article away. We have assembled eight tips for you to improve your educational experience.  It’s up to you whether you will utilize them.

How Effective Is Rate My Professors?

By Jasmine Bautista

It’s that time of year again! With the new semester approaching, students are once more getting ready to complete their credits by finding those perfect classes. And a perfect class wouldn’t be complete without that perfect professor. RateMyProfessors.com has been one of the many essential websites that help college students avoid a bad semester. However, even with comments written by classmates and fixed ratings for easier reviews, students still wonder how effective the site really is.

IM LeeSports Engages Students

By: Keahi Selhorst
Photo by Matt Hirata

The life of a community college student differs from students who attend major university campuses. Leeward Community College doesn’t have fraternities and dormitories which surround campuses typically found on the mainland. But we do have one thing that almost every major school participates in, and that’s Intramural Sports.

Mean Green Machine

Story and images by Keahi Selhorst

We are obsessed with food. Take a look at your various social media applications and count the food posts. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Summer to Fall Transition

By Jasmine Bautista
Photos by Austin Coen

Just because fall is approaching doesn’t mean it’s time to put the summer pieces away. Fall is all about layering to keep yourself warm. With a successful transition, you can still incorporate your fall essentials to your summer style, whether you stack up on cardigans, sweaters, or scarves.

YouTube Beauty Gurus

By Jasmine Bautista and Caylin Franchey

Beauty gurus have a passion for fashion and can be found everywhere on YouTube. Just like your typical teacher, these gurus are waiting to share their knowledge with you. Unlike some other beauty gurus on this site, such as Michelle Phan, or Blair Fowler (Juicystar07), these girls haven’t quite hit the million subscriber mark, but their videos are just as creative and entertaining. Whether you’re looking to completely update your wardrobe or just try out a new look, the following YouTube beauty gurus are definitely worth checking out.

New Education Building Opens at Leeward

By: Coe Snyder
Photos: Cara Ahn and Jasmine Bautista

The Associates of Arts in Teaching (AAT) program at Leeward Community College was once just an idea. Back in the fall of 2006, the program started with just 21 students and Bobbie Martel as its only instructor.

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