Worst News Wednesday: Rape, Arrest and the Apocalypse

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Compiled by Ka Mana'o Staff


No More Paying for Textbooks

by Kaitlyn Lankford

photo courtesy of Leeward Community College Library blog


    From 1998 to 2014, the cost of college textbooks has increased by 150 percent. The University of Hawai’i and Leeward Community College have been given the opportunity to eliminate textbook costs for certain courses via the new Open Education Resources (OER) system.


Up in Smoke

by Tyla Smith

Photo by Almendro Fernandez


     In December, a study by the University of Hawai’i revealed an alarming trend among young teens regarding electronic smoking. The state government responded this past June by restricting electronic cigarettes like traditional tobacco products and increasing the smoking age from 18 to 21.


Weird News Wednesday: Pharmaceuticals, Pederasty and Parenthood

Hawaiian Premier of Internationally Acclaimed “Frangipani Perfume”

Frangipani Perfume cast members Doris Tulifau (Naiki), Kiana Rivera (Pomu), and Mane (Tivi)

by Echo Canaday    



This Thursday, the Leeward Lab Theatre hosted the Hawai’i premiere of Makerita Urale’s acclaimed play “Frangipani Perfume,” directed by Ashley DeMoville. The play has garnered international attention for its dynamic approach to characterization, startling wit, and inventive juxtaposition of fantasy, memory and reality. The play’s themes challenge Western stereotypes of Polynesian women and address the struggles of immigrant women in New Zealand. Though the piece may be off-putting to audiences unaccustomed to theatrical conventions like the use of miming as opposed to physical props, and the use of lighting to indicate changes in time, place, or perspective, the Leeward Theatre produced this play with simplicity and style.

Amazing Comic Con AKA The Stan Lee Comic Con


by Ka Mana'o Staff


     The Amazing Comic Con will be in Hawai‘i for the first time this weekend, starting on Friday at 3 p.m.. Featuring a well-known ensemble of industry professionals who specialize and lead the comic book world, this convention has a lot to offer the casual consumer of pop culture and diehard comic book fans.


Weird News Wednesday: Animal Edition

Science of the Voles—When Size Does Matter

by Tyla Smith

Illustration by Trina Sisomvang


    Prairie voles could provide scientists with the neurological key for explaining love. Neuroscience has been studying the monogamy of relationships for decades. It has been found that 90 percent of birds are monogamous and only 5 percent of mammals are.



Sweaty, Sweaty College Bash



by Kaitlyn Lankford

Photos by Harmony Duhaylonsod & Marcel Saragena


    With the sun boiling down on Tuthill courtyard Leeward Community College Student Activities Board had their annual College Bash up and running.


Invisible Illnesses: Mental Health in the College Demographic


by Nate Jaramillo and Tyla Smith

photo by Melany McAngus


    Lack of sleep, financial burdens and pressure from family are all common stressors for college students that can bring about a lack of mental health.


Weird News Wednesday: Survivor Issues Cease and Desist to Kim Davis

by Nate Jaramillo

photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly


    Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who went viral after refusing to issue a marriage license to gay couples, was released from jail on Tuesday accompanied by Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” — to Survivor's dismay.


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