Ten Things About Leeward: Observatory and Funny Smell in Student Lounge

by Chance Nakazato and Tyla Smith

Illustration by Russell Tolentino


     Here are ten unknown or useful tips about Leeward


Jack of All Trades: Leeward Career and Technical Education Program

by Chance Nakazato

Photo by Al Fernandez 


In an economy where competition for decent-paying jobs is tough, the importance of receiving a college education is emphasized now more than ever. Even after four to six years of intensive study and, in some cases, spending a ludicrous amount of money, the overall payoff is not guaranteed. The prospect of a stagnant degree leaves many graduates questioning the value of higher education.


Ten Things About Leeward: Overflow Parking and LRC/Writing Center


by Tyla Smith and Nate Jaramillo

Illustration by Russell Tolentino 


Here are ten unknown or useful facts and tips about Leeward.


The Winding Pathway to "Adulthood"

by Tyla Smith

Photo by Melany McAngus


A bachelor’s degree has been taught to be the golden ticket to getting into the United States job market, but the road to earning it may have some potholes along the way.


The End of the World, Again

by Chance Nakazato

Trailer courtesy of AMC


After months of build-up, fans of “The Walking Dead” got their first taste of AMC’s newest original television series, “Fear the Walking Dead,” which premiered Aug. 23.


Leeward Hangouts

by Nate Jaramillo


    As with any new environment, it is important to become acclimated. Students should bear this in mind and try to find places to kill time between classes. In doing so, they can meet new people and discover a place where they belong at Leeward Community College.


The Gift, Keeps on Giving

by Coe Snyder

Photo courtesy of STX Entertainment

    The Gift is as great as it is horrible. Although audiences can admire the complexity of the finished product, the entire experience makes moviegoers feel sick to their stomach.


We're About Due for A Hurricane

By Harlan Sheppard


There have been five seriously destructive hurricanes since the admission of Hawai‘i into the U.S. 56 years ago. Concerningly, there is a trend between years where meteorologists determined that the El Nino weather phenomenon was occurring and hurricanes hitting Hawaii. This year has been determined to be one of those years.


Aftermath of Heald College Closure

By Harlan Sheppard

Photos by Almednro Fernandez 


   Severe difficulties have arisen for students who previously attended Heald College as they struggle to transfer credits into new institutions. Some students have given up, discharging their loans and forfeiting their credits.


Emotion in Motion in Disney's "Inside Out"

by Nate Jaramillo and Jerico Juoh

     "Inside Out" is a movie that is attracting audiences outside of the usual child range of Disney goers as people from 1 to 100 fill the the theatre seats. During sensitive parts of the movie the audience found itself in tears. The story of Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) strikes familiar cords with kids and adults as it focuses on the harsh emotions of growing up.  

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