Aftermath of Heald College Closure

By Harlan Sheppard

Photos by Almednro Fernandez 


   Severe difficulties have arisen for students who previously attended Heald College as they struggle to transfer credits into new institutions. Some students have given up, discharging their loans and forfeiting their credits.


Emotion in Motion in Disney's "Inside Out"

by Nate Jaramillo and Jerico Juoh

     "Inside Out" is a movie that is attracting audiences outside of the usual child range of Disney goers as people from 1 to 100 fill the the theatre seats. During sensitive parts of the movie the audience found itself in tears. The story of Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) strikes familiar cords with kids and adults as it focuses on the harsh emotions of growing up.  

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Equal Marriage Rights


by Tyla Smith

photos by Almendro Fernandez


         The U.S. Supreme Court ruled with a vote of 5-4 today that legalizes same-sex marriage throughout the country. The U.S. is now the 21st country in the world to give marriage equality rights to same-sex couples.


    Starting with the Stonewall Riots of 1969, the LGBTQ+ community has slowly gained ground in its movement for equality. Advocates for “traditional” marriage can now try to pray the gay away in the same chapel as couples who have waited decades to get married.


    To highlight some of the more ridiculous and surprising ideas that arose during the uphill climb for marriage equality, here are 10 quotes from the opposition:


Dog-Meat Festival, Forced Prostitution, and Hoverboards in World News Wednesday

#HelpLeeJungHee: Korean mother’s experience with rape culture


Photo courtesy of the Help Lee Jung Hee Facebook Page

Writer: Nate Jaramillo

    “I am a filthy woman,” Lee Jung Hee, subject of trending hashtag #HelpLeeJungHee, wrote. In her 20 years of marriage, her husband sold her and her sons into sex slavery and the hashtag was started to promote her plea for justice.


The Nobuye Horio Culinary Scholarship

UH Foundation Executive Director of Development, Regional & Community Colleges KC Collins and Leeward CC Chancellor Manny Cabral celebrated the new endowment with Ruby and Paul Mizue.

Writer: Chance Nakazato 

Patience, flexibility, faith and unequivocal love. Raised under these core values, Nobuye Horio committed herself to the culinary industry, fine dining and food service excellence. From working in her family’s saimin shop to restaurant pantry work, Horio’s inveterate love for food never faded.


Summer Recipes 2015

Wacky Sports


Writer: Ryan Sims 

Photography by Almendro Fernandez 


Balls were flying and pool noodles were flopping in the air as players ran back and forth, trying to gain the upper hand. This past semester, students at Leeward may have witnessed an odd spectacle as peers ran across Tuthill courtyard throwing rubber balls into upright hoops.


No Aloha in "Aloha"




Writer: Cory Ogata


Ever wonder how A-list actors such as Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, and Rachel McAdams go on vacation? They take a trip to Hawai’i and, in full knowledge, partake in a romantic comedy-drama so terrible that it actually makes us appreciate “50 First Dates.” Yes, this is in fact a movie review of director Cameron Crowe’s latest disaster “Aloha.”


Le Fetuao First Annual Summer Tech Fair



Writer and Photographer: Nate Jaramillo


Display boards lined the room and children opened the ceremonies by singing traditional Samoan songs as students exhibited the cultural and technical knowledge acquired during Le Fetuao Samoan Language Center's first annual summer Tech Camp. The camp was a product of Le Fetuao's collaboration with Pacific Voices—an on-island Pacific Islander organization—and was held at Leeward Community College. This Tech Fair was a cumulative exhibition of the collaborative skills they learned and digital media programs they worked with over the course of the two-week summer Tech Camp.


Break the Silence

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