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This site is designed to help you succeed at learning online. Please explore the different resources listed on the left column of this page.

Is this your first online course?

Take our online Distance Education Self-Assessment Quiz to see if you are ready for taking online courses at Leeward Community College. For more information go to, DE Self-Assessment Quiz

Is It For Me?

Distance Learning is not for everyone. Distance learning in many cases provides students greater flexibility. This flexibility includes freeing students from the constraints of travel or relocation, affording them opportunities to take courses otherwise non-accessible due to scheduling or physical constraints. As a result, students have more control over their own learning;successful completion will depend on the individual student's self-discipline and commitment to the course or program. In general, a successful distance learner is someone who:

  • wants or needs a flexible school schedule.
  • knows how to study independently.
  • is goal oriented & self directed.
  • has college level reading & writing skills.
  • establishes a regular viewing/log on schedule.
  • sets aside a specific time on a routine basis for studying.
  • contacts the professor promptly with questions about any aspect of the course.