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Google@UH Gmail is the University of Hawaii's email platform. Your email address remains, but has been activated as a Google Apps account which gives you access to many Google services, like Gmail, by using your email address as the Google username to log in. To access your Google@UH Gmail account go to: (Note: Your Google@UH account is separate/different from a regular Google or Gmail account (if you have one) which is why you go to and not

Tip - To bookmark Google@UH Gmail in your Internet browser, right-click on this link,, and left-click on "Bookmark this link" (or something similar depending on the Internet browser you are using).


Educational Uses

  • Communicate with your colleagues and students by using your Google@UH Gmail account to send and receive emails.
  • Create and utilize Gmail labels and filters help you to keep emails organized and your inbox tidy.
  • Add your students email addresses to your Contacts in your Google@UH Gmail account so you can easily send email through Gmail. Also, create a contact group for each of your classes so that you can easily email the whole class from your Google@UH Gmail account.
  • Chat with your colleagues and students who have Google accounts (i.e. they migrated to Google@UH or have a Google account) using the built-in Google Chat application in your Google@UH Gmail account.


Self-Paced Learning

Google Apps Gmail Training Module - Created by Google, this module covers how to best use Gmail and Talk / Hangouts:

  1. Introduction to Gmail
  2. Send and receive mail
  3. Manage contacts
  4. Store and organize mail
  5. Gmail and your email software
  6. Manage and create task lists
  7. Offline and mobile access to mail
  8. Chat instantly in mail


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Getting Started

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