Laulima Orientation Activity for Distance Students

The Educational Media Center provides a workshop for students on how to use Laulima.  If you have never used Laulima, or are unsure about how to use the different features in Laulima, we encourage you to attend the workshop on the Saturday before the start of the fall and spring semesters. Workshop registration begins 3 week before the date of the orientation.


 Introduction to Laulima 

 How to Join the Laulima Orientation Activity

Laulima DE Orientation Activity Sheet

  Laulima Orientation Activity Answers

The following are interactive modules for testing your knowledge of Laulima, the University of Hawaii's collaborative learning environment, that you may be using for your Distance Education (DE) courses.  Click on each module to test your knowledge on how well you know Laulima.

  1. Login to Laulima, Syllabus, and Assignment Tool
  2. Assignment Tool
  3. Forums, Modules, and Announcement Tool
  4. Mailtool, Task, Test, and Survey, Gradebook, and Request Assistance Tool



Click on the links below to learn how to do the following things in Laulima.

Click to download a printable (PDF) copy of the Laulima Student Guide.